professional voucher

Voucher offers for international jobseekers

Do you want to stand on your own two feet professionally? A job placement voucher, the so-called “Aktivierungs- und Vermittlungsgutschein” (AVGS), can help you reach this goal. With this voucher, you can participate in different courses and other programmes, which will prepare you for the labour market in Lower Saxony.

Job placement vouchers are given by the Federal Employment Agency or by institutions providing basic income support, like the job centres.

This means that you have to be registered as a jobseeker in one of the agencies to be eligible for one. The voucher will allow you to participate in different courses for free. Are you looking for a professional orientation, want to brush up your technical knowledge or practice how to write a job application? What you learn exactly in the course is up to you. And where to attend the course is also up to you: you can redeem your voucher with the learning provider of your choice, for example with us!

What courses are available?

In Lower Saxony we offer more than 20 courses that you can attend to with a voucher. The subjects of the courses are different; however the main goal is always the same: the courses ought to prepare you for working in Lower Saxony. From individual interviews to group trainings and supervised internships in a company, these are all possible formats for the courses. In our courses we combine, as a general rule, professional training with specific language lessons (like for example “Intu” project)

How can I acquire a job placement voucher?

Are you already registered in a job centre or the Federal Employment Agency? Then ask your contact person there about the voucher. We can also gladly advise you on the subject – contact us!

Contact person:
Theresa Kränzel
Höfestr. 19-21, 30163 Hannover
Telephone: 0511 / 961 67 89