Recognition of professional qualifications in Germany

Recognition of professional qualifications

You want to practise your profession in Germany? Then you should have your professional or academic qualifications recognised! This means that your qualification is compared to Germany’s professional standards and is recognised as being equivalent.

For regulated professions, it is even a prerequisite to obtain recognition of professional or academic qualifications in order to be able to work.

Regulated professions in Germany are health professions (e. g. doctors, nurses), as well as lawyers, teachers and educators.

You have a qualification in a profession that is not regulated? You should still have your qualifications recognised! Having a recognised qualification means you will earn more salary and you will have better promotion and development opportunities

Who can participate in the recognition procedure?

Essentially, everyone can go through the recognition procedure. The prerequisite is to have a professional or academic qualification that was acquired abroad.


Who is responsible for the recognition of professional qualifications?

Depending on your qualification, there are different authorities responsible for the recognition of your studies:

  • Doctors: the Lower Saxony Association for the Granting of Licences to Practise (Niedersächsische Zweckverband zur Approbationserteilung, NiZzA)
  • Teachers: Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs (Kultusministerium)
  • Engineers: Chamber of Engineers (Ingenieurkammer)
  • Pharmacists: Chamber of Pharmacists (Apothekerkammer)
  • Veterinary surgeons: Chamber of Veterinary Surgeons (Tierärztekammer)

How long does the recognition process take?

Generally, the process lasts up to three months. In difficult cases it can take longer. The time limit starts after all the required documents have been submitted

Who bears the costs?

If you are registered at the Federal Agency of Employment or at a job centre, you can ask about the coverage of the costs there. Otherwise, you have to bear the costs yourself.

The Chamber of Engineers allows bearing the title of engineer acquired abroad. The only exception is in the case of ethnic German resettlers.


Good to know:

The outcome of the recognition of professional qualifications depends on the type of professional or academic qualifications you have. Not only do the recognised authorities responsible for the procedure differ, the required documents and certificates do also. This is why they have to be requested individually for each procedure. Aspects like in what year was the qualification acquired or if the applicant can provide proof of having professional experience can be of significance. Additionally, there are individual cases with exceptions, e. g. for ethnic German resettlers.

You can find more information on the website “Anerkennung in Deutschland”

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Information Centres in Niedersachsen

Anerkennungs- und Qualifizierungsberatung Braunschweig
Address: Volkshochschule Braunschweig GmbH – Alte Waage 15, 38100 Braunschweig

Contact person: Liane Heinecke
Telephone: 0531 / 2412-453
Email: liane.heinecke[at]

Contact person: Elena Sabuga
Telephone: 0531 / 2412-347
Email: elena.sabuga[at]

Contact person: Sylvia Eckert
0531 / 2412-433

Address: IHK Lüneburg-Wolfsburg, Geschäftsstelle Celle – Sägemühlenstraße 5, 29221 Celle

Contact person: Dr. Christin Sophie Eun-Sook Brings
05141 / 9196-25

Address: Caritasverband für Bremerhaven und den Landkreis Cuxhaven e.V. – Grodener Chaussee 21, 27472 Cuxhaven

Contact person: Dr. Meral Köbrich
04721 / 26874

Contact person: Larisa Müller
 04721 / 6998350

Anerkennungs- und Qualifizierungsberatung Göttingen
Address: Bildungsgenossenschaft Südniedersachsen eG (BIGS) – Lange Geismar Str. 73, 37073 Göttingen

Contact person: Christina Hammer (Consultant in Göttingen)
Telephone: 0551 / 495694-37
Email: c.hammer[at]

Contact person: Natalia Hefele (Consultant in Göttingen)
Telephone: 0551 / 495694-36
Email: n.hefele[at]

Standort Goslar:
Address: Caritasverband Goslar – Lindenplan 18, 38640 Goslar

Contact person: Philipp (Consultant in Goslar)
Telephone: 0551 / 495694-37
Email: p.kallenbach[at]

Anerkennungsberatung IHK Hannover

Industrie- und Handelskammer Hannover
Address: Schiffgraben 49, 30175 Hannover
Telephone: 0511/3107-0
Fax: 0511/3107-333

Opening hours:
Mo. – Do. 8.00 – 16.00 Uhr und Fr. 8.00 – 14.00 Uhr

Anerkennungsberatung IHK Hannover

Anerkennungs- und Qualifizierungsberatung Hannover
mit den Außenstellen in Nienburg, Hildesheim, Hameln-Pyrmont, Diepholz, Braunschweig, Holzminden, Peine und Schaumburg
Address: IHK Hannover – Schiffgraben 49, 30175 Hannover

Contact person: Ilyas Isa
Telephone: 0511 / 3107-521

Contact person: Maike Jakusch
Telephone: 0511 / 3107-293

Contact person: Martina Pudic
Telephone: 0511 / 3107-514
Email: anerkennungsberatung[at]

Contact person: Walter Kawsu Ceesay
Telephone: 0511 / 3107-515

Address: Zentrum für Arbeit, Jobcenter Leer – Bavinkstr. 23, 26789 Leer

Contact person: Ilse Varchmin
Telephone: 0491 / 9994-2227
Email: ilse.varchmin[at]

Address: Bildungswerk der Niedersächsischen Wirtschaft GmbH – Fährsteg 5a, 21337 Lüneburg

Contact person: Viola Herrmann
Telephone: 04131 / 30307-18
Email: viola.herrmann[at]

Contact person: Sylwia Strebska
Telephone: 04131 / 30307-22
Email: sylwia.strebska[at]

Address: Landkreis Emsland, Jobcenter des Landkreises – FB Arbeit – Riedemannstr. 1, 49716 Meppen

Contact person: Jörg Breukelmann
Telephone: 05931 / 44-2731
Email: joerg.breukelmann[at]

Address: Jobcenter Grafschaft Bentheim – Stadtring 9-15 (Eingang: Ootmarsumer Weg), 48527 Nordhorn

Contact person: Sabine Stockhausen
Telephone: 05921 / 966-238
Email: sabine.stockhausen[at]

Address: BNW Information Center – Raiffeisenstraße 24, 26122 Oldenburg

Contact person: Petra Guddat
Telephone: 0441 / 21906-819
Email: Petra.guddat[at]

Contact person: Iko Andrae
Telephone: 0441 / 361676-22
Email: iko.andrae[at]

Contact person: Hanna Kaiser
Telephone: 0441 / 92319-10
Email: hanna.kaiser[at]

Contact person: Peter Grünheid
Telephone: 0441 21906-33
Email: peter.gruenheid[at]

Anerkennungs- und Qualifizierungsberatung Osnabrück
Address: BUS GmbH – Bramscher Str. 134-136, 49088 Osnabrück

Contact person: Karin Bock
Telephone: 0541 / 6929-749
Email: bock[at]

Contact person: Katharina Loose
Telephone: 0541 / 6929-728
Email: loose[at]

Contact person: Claudia Beckmeier
Telephone: 0541 / 6929-718
Email: beckmeier[at]

Address: Volkshochschule Stade e.V. – Sachsenstraße 7, 21680 Stade

Contact person: Schole Albers
Telephone: 04141 / 4099-51
Email: albers[at]

Contact person: Martyna Krelska
Telephone: 04141 / 4099-50
Email: krelska[at]

Address: Arbeit im Landkreis Verden – Lindhooper Str. 67, 27283 Verden (Aller)

Contact person: Özden Konuralp
Telephone: 04231 / 15665
Email: oe-konuralp-alv[at]

Anerkennungs- und Qualifizierungsberatung Wolfsburg
Address: Jobcenter Wolfsburg – Porschestr. 2, 38440 Wolfsburg

Contact person: Angelika Horst-Neumann
Telephone: 05361 / 4649-122
Email: Angelika.horst-neumann[at]

Contact person: Susanne Kolle
Telephone: 05361 / 4649-119
Email: susanne.kolle[at]

Contact person: Iwona Lubanska
Telephone: 05361 / 4649-379
Email: iwona.lubanska[at]