Educational programmes for refugees

Refugees: aged 25 and above

Perspektiven für Flüchtlinge (PerF)

How does the labour market work in Lower Saxony? What profession is the right one for me? How should a job application look like in Germany? In our project ‘Perspektiven für Flüchtlinge’ (‘Perspectives for refugees’) we give you the answers to these questions and prepare you for the labour market in Lower Saxony.

During the three-month course, we search together for a job that is in line with your interests and abilities.

In order to get to know the business life of Lower Saxony, we give you the chance to do an internship at a company from the area. At the same time, we teach you German intensively. If the internship was convincing enough, then we help you to find a suitable job position and make a job application.

The Employment Agency (or Job Centre) finances the project and the course is free. To find out how you can participate in this course, contact us by phone or in person so we can gladly advise you on the subject!

Refugees under 25 years

Perspektiven für junge Flüchtlinge (PerjuF)

Getting to know the German labour market, identifying your own abilities, pointing out career paths – these are the objectives of our project ‘Perspektiven für junge Flüchtlinge’ (‘Perspectives for young refugees’).

We offer you orientation about the German vocational training and employment systems. We give you advice on how to use your professional interests and competences and on what professions you can learn and practice in Germany.

What status does a vocational training have in Germany? What does the everyday business life look like? What requirements do companies demand from their employees? We give you all the necessary information about the German labour market.

Furthermore, we assist you with acquiring the recognition of your vocational qualification or university degree and with the job application.

In our workshops you can work with materials like wood, metal and paint or work in the area of home economics and thus get to know different work fields. In addition, we teach you specialised knowledge and business-oriented language skills.

The Employment Agency or Job Centre finances the project and the course is free. To find out how you can participate in this course, contact us by phone or in person so we can gladly advise you on the subject!

Contact person:

Kathrin Kießwetter
Telephone: 0441-2190647

All ages

IntU – Integrationsunterstützung für Geflüchtete und Migranten modular

The search for the right job, the job application, practical experiences or language – everyone needs support in different areas on their road to finding a job. Our programme ‘Integrationsunterstützung für Geflüchtete und Migranten’ (‘Integration support for refugees and migrants’) supports you just the way you need it.

We create an individual plan for you, that consists of different elements and will bring you closer to your career goals step by step. You do not have a job in mind yet? We show you what job possibilities there are. The German labour market is new to you? We enable you to gain initial experience through an internship. You are unsure when it comes to working with a computer?

We help you to create your job application with the help of computer programmes.

Even after finding a suitable job for you, we will still remain by your side as a contact person. We offer you assistance in dealing with the local authorities, the applications, the compilation of all the necessary documents, and we always have an open ear if problems arise at your workplace. Our objective: to find a job placement that you can keep for a long time.

The project is financed by the regional job centres and is free of charge. We will gladly advise you on how you can participate in this project.

For those that are seeking a vocational training

Fit für die Ausbildung

You want to do a vocational training in Germany? Good idea: a vocational training will ensure you good prospects in the labour market. The project ‘Fit für die Ausbildung’ offers you the chance to find a vocational training place. During the six-month programme we bring you and other applicants together with companies in the Hannover region in such a way that it suits both sides.

We establish contact with the companies: you and the prospective employer will find out in interviews if you are a match. Was the first impression right?

Then you can get to know each other better during an internship. We offer you assistance with this and we are at your disposition if you have any questions or problems. We also prepare you for the job in the company with an intensive language course.

The companies of the network ‘Zukunft Inc.’ situated in the Hannover area finance this project and it is also free of charge for you.

Do you want to participate? Contact us!

Contact person:

Claudia Köhler
Telephone: 0511 96167-54