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Welcome to Germany, Welcome to Niedersachsen!

Are you new here? Welcome to Germany and, especially, welcome to Niedersachsen! In order to have a successful start, find out our tips about living, working and studying in Germany.  Moreover, you will find very useful information about job applications and learning German.

Be always updated with our blog and Facebook page. Read the experience from others und learn and test in a funny way your German knowledge with us.

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Greeting by the State Commissioner for Migration and Social Inclusion Doris Schröder-Köpf

More than 180, 000 people have come to Lower Saxony over the past year – many of them have come out of need, others because they found an occupation here, most of them because they had the desire to build a future for themselves in Lower Saxony. Occupational integration is an essential component of these people’s inclusion. In this regard, it is important to provide orientation:

Frau Schröder-Köpf BNW

Where do I find what in Lower Saxony? What region is the right one for me? How do job applications, employment contracts and health insurance work? How can I network with other immigrants? What integration initiatives are available? And naturally: Where are there specific offers to learn German, be it in the home country or on-site in Lower Saxony. Answers to all these questions – always with particular reference to the very personal environment – can be found on the Internet portal “Welcome to Niedersachsen” of the BNW.

Because of this, I, as State Commissioner for Migration and Social Inclusion, accepted the patronage for the migration portal of the BNW. It offers important information and networking opportunities for immigrants and asylum seekers for a successful start in Lower Saxony and is in addition easily accessible. With it we achieve above all one thing: integration in Lower Saxony.

Information and Guidance Offices in Niedersachsen!

Have you recently arrived in Niedersachsen or have you already been living here for some time? Do you have questions about social security regulations, educational system or work and training? Do you need information to return to your homeland? If you need assistance with living and working here, you’ve come to the right place! Our team can support you on different issues in our 18 Information points in Niedersachsen.

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Survival Tips in Niedersachsen

Don’t miss the chance to read our blog! Upon your arrival in Niedersachsen, there are many things you will have to consider. Here you can find all the information you need to know prior and after your arrival, testimonials from other people in your same situation and interesting information about your new home! Moving to a new country means having to deal with many issues, which is why we want to help you with it.

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Find your easy access to German – BNW Learning Languages

German skills are essential in everyday work. BNW Learning Languages offers flexible language learning solutions tailor-made for your company. With our video-based courses, you can enhance the language skills of your employees individually in line with their respective language levels. Whether at work, at home or on the go: with a tablet or smartphone, they can learn anywhere.


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