The ‘Family Questionnaire’ – what, why and how?

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Are you covered by statutory medical insurance in Germany and have just been blessed with a child? Are you newly married, do not earn an income, and you both want to be insured under the same statutory medical insurance fund? Then you can apply for a family insurance plan with the statutory medical insurance fund. The statutory medical insurance fund will examine your application and assess whether you are eligible for a family insurance plan.

1. Marriage:

After getting married, a spouse or registered civil partner can be co-insured with the other spouse or partner for no additional cost if his/her total monthly income does not exceed €450 or €455.

2. Children:

Children up to the age of 18 are generally included in the insurance plan at no additional cost. If your child is not yet gainfully employed, they can retain insurance cover until they turn 23; if your child is still at school, completes an unremunerated training course or enrols at a university, they remain covered by the insurance plan without having to pay contributions until they turn 25. Likewise, the offspring of a spouse or civil partner, grandchildren and foster children can be included in the family insurance plan. Prerequisite: They live in a common household with you and are entirely or to a large extent financially dependent on you.

But I have already completed the questionnaire…?

Your statutory medical insurance fund requires the fully completed ‘Fragebogen für die Aufnahme in die Familienversicherung’ [‘Questionnaire for acceptance on the family insurance plan’] to be able to assess your family situation and the needs of all family members. This is required not only when your family situation has changed, but at regular yearly intervals. This is something that irritates many insured people – both native speakers and immigrants. And accordingly, they often throw away the questionnaire. But they shouldn’t! The insurance fund requires the questionnaire each year, even if your personal situation has not changed.

Do you still have questions about your cover under the family insurance plan of your statutory medical insurance fund? AOK Niedersachsen [regional statutory medical insurance fund for Niedersachsen] provides a helpful overview of this topic [in German]:

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