refugees in the State Parliament of Lower Saxony

Initial orientation for refugees in the State Parliament of Lower Saxony

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On March 19th, 35 participants of the initial orientation course had the opportunity to learn about the work of the state of Lower Saxony with refugees. The Member of Parliament Christian Calderone invited the participants, the teachers and the project coordinator Dr. Zeljko Dragic to a reception in the State Parliament of Lower Saxony.

The participants of the initial orientation course come from Braunschweig, Lingen, Wallenhorst and Bersenbrück. Among other things, they were able to ask Christian Calderone how many female MPs are in parliament or whether Germany remains a safe country for people who come from war zones.

The Bildungswerk der Niedersächsischen Wirtschaft (BNW) has been organizing initial orientation courses in Lower Saxony since August 2017. Since January 2019, nine courses have been held at eight locations with 100 to 120 participants. The Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community funds the courses.

In the initial orientation courses, the participants learn essential basics for a life in Germany. At the same time, they acquire first German language skills. The courses cover topics of particular importance to participants, such as access to clubs in their neighbourhood, medical care arrangements and basic everyday structures in Germany.

Most of the participants are asylum seekers with an unclear attitude to stay, who have no access to an integration course, but who are not from a safe country of origin. The initial orientation courses are designed to facilitate these people’s entry phase in Germany, in particular into the German school system, as well as providing them with basic knowledge about important habits of their new living environment.

The participants received the visit in the State Parliament of Lower Saxony very positively so that in fall a renewed visit takes place.

Please find more information on the initial orientation courses here.

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