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Many people stay in Germany not just for holidays or studies but for a long or lifelong stay. Often it’s very difficult to find one’s way in the jungle of the German educational and social system. Those people who neither find a job nor have the outlook to change their job perspective get help by a new BNW project calls “Alles aus einer Hand” which means “Everything from one source”.

The idea: to systematically support migrants and refugees with theoretical and practical trainings in finding a job perspective in Germany. Okay – that’s part of every day’s work at the BNW… So what’s new? Normally, jobseekers in Germany have to go to the „Jobcenter“ in order to speak with consultants. Then they get language lessons and/ or other courses to stabilize and improve their individual situation. Those courses normally don’t take place at the Jobcenter but in educational institutions like the BNW. Then – in best case – the participants make an internship or something similar in a company. Now, “Alles aus einer Hand” combines these three steps for every participant under one and the same roof: “jobcenter”-consultants and coaches, language courses in different levels as well as some areas for working in different professional fields like hair styling / cosmetics and nursing care. In addition we offer rooms for practical experiences in the fields metal and wood. The advantage for our participants: Short ways between the authorities and many contact persons for individual problems and issues.

In January 2018, 600 people from all over the world have started the program. In best case, they will get a job or an apprenticeship after six or twelve months. The program is realizable in full-time or part-time.

You can participate in our program “Alles aus seiner Hand” if you are: refugee, a person who moves from a foreign country to Hannover or a person who comes from another country but lives in Germany for a longer time. Only requirements are that you attend an integration course at the moment and that you receive financial support by the Jobcenter Region Hannover (“Hartz 4”).

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