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Doing good things and talking about it! That’s what we want to do: Last week the BNW donated about 3.000 Euro to a great project which calls “AG Kunterbunt” (in English: colorful community). Therefore we visited the school which is located in the city of Hameln to hand over the donation-check. The concept of the AG Kunterbunt is as simple as brilliant: German students help foreign children, who fled from their homeland, to integrate them in the German culture and surroundings. The group of twenty students of different ages and origins play and learn together and have found a lot of new friends. For the young refugees the AG Kunterbunt is a time-out from their worries and memories. 13-year-old Ramon from Syria told us: “I mostly like the beautiful Christmas season here in Germany because I learned a lot about the German traditions during the last Christmas season.”

Regina Hölscher is the teacher of the students and leads the AG Kunterbunt. She was so happy about the donation and explained the aim of the community: “We want to show the refugees that they are welcome in Germany and that we want to offer them a place where religion and origin does not matter!” We say: Well done and keep going!

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