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At the moment, 19-year-old Ayub from Afghanistan is working at Artemis Gummi + Kautschuk (rubber + india rubber). In the near future he is going to be a machines/ systems operator. As a participant of the education program “SRINT Dual” Ayub is not just learning German. Due to his training-on-the-job he is preparing himself for his further job career in Germany.

The concept of “SPRINT Dual” is to accompany young migrants during their way from learning the first German words to get a place of work. Just recently, this opportunity seemed to be unreachable for him. Fortunately he met his accompanist Ms. Elisabeth Knelangen. She helped him in mastering his first so called company-speed-dating. “I didn’t know what to say and how to behave, it was a real challenge”, says the young man. But Ayub overcame it, thanks to Ms. Knelangen and to his very good German language skills he learned in the vocational school in the city of Neustadt. The reward: Ayub received the opportunity to start a qualification program at “Artemis”.

We met Ayub and his coach Jens-Uve Klüver and we were very much impressed about Ayub’s positive and open mind and his motivation to work and learn many new things in short time. He is also eager to get better managing machines, to work with labroratory devices and last but not least to improve his language skills. Although the young refugee was in a koran school in his home country for only two years, Ayub is a quick learning student and a nice colleague After a long and tough time in Afghanistan which has been shatterd by the Talibans, he is happy to finally feel safe and welcome in Germany. “He is always in time, so friendly, motivated and talented. We’re happy having Ayub as part of our team”, said Mr. Klüver to us.

Ayub’s story is a success story. We wish him all the best for his further career in Germany!

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