House of resources

House of Resources, a funding program for migrant associations

It is all about ideas, events and financial support to get equipment and spaces. In order to support integration projects, House of Resources disposes resources, funding, material and many other options. And of course, all players are accessible in situ. MiSO-Netzwerk Hannover e.V. is responsible for this sponsorship program in Hannover

For those interested migrant associations, due date for the support application (1.500€) is on 15 September 2017. More information can be found at the website:

The workshops and seminars that MiSO-Netzwerk Hannover e.V. organized, are addressed to their members, all of migrant associations based in Hannover area. The workshops could be, for example, an introduction to Accounting for associations or Press and Public Relations, Computer basic course or Food safety or Hygiene.

These Workshops are required by most of the migrant associations, since their work needs to be improved and every day more professionalized.  The advantage of Migrant’s association is that they can control which instructions will be implemented.

To become a MiSO member, the association should be engaged in the areas of migration, integration or refugee work, as well as to act within the Hannover region. It should be registered as “Verein” (association). The courses that MiSO is currently offering are the following:

House of Resources Workshops in September

  • Project Fundraising (Date: 29.09.2017)

Would you like to become a MiSO’s member association?

Are you a migrant association based in Hannover area and would you like to be informed?

MiSO contact person: Dina Krivorutskaya, Jan-Egil Gubenis, Lesia Brezitska
Telephone: 0511 / 54 57 19 56                                                                                                                                                                                        Email:

Find more information about the project House of resources:

General Information BAMF

Das Bundesamt fördert bundesweit 14 Houses of Resources

Hause of Resources in Hannover, MiSO-Netzwerk


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