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Fit für die Ausbildung wins Lower Saxony‘s Integration Prize

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The ZUKUNFTINC Project Fit für die Ausbildung was one of the awardee initiatives of the Lower Saxony’s Integration Price 2017. This is the eighth prize edition, this time under the motto “Angekommen. Ausbildung in Niedersachsen”. In total, there were four awardees and an especial prize. The competition is addressed to institutions, companies and corporations as well as chambers that support refugees and migrants in order to complete professional trainings in Lower Saxony and thus, make a contribution in the labor market.

What does Fit für die Ausbildung make?

The leader companies Bahlsen, Hüttenes Albertus, JÄGER Gummi and Kunststoff//Artemis, KIND, VSM AG, Sehnheiser electronic and WAGNER Group got involved with the project. The program’s objective is to bring refugees in technical and commercial professional trainings. These eight companies were assisted and accompanied by Bildungswerk der Niedersächsischen Wirtschaft (BNW), the project Coordinator, and Region Hannover, as financial sponsor, the whole project.

Fit für die Ausbildung establishes a long-term professional perspective for social disadvantage and young people. For each professional training is an adequate language level that needs to be acquired. Thus the group of participants of „Fit für die Ausbildung“ took an intensive German course as well as intercultural training as a complementary training. The young participants have to complete an internship within the above mentioned companies before starting the professional training. During the whole program students are accompanied by BNW social pedagogues.

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