Malteser, medical assistance for people without medical insurance

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Malteser is a charitable organisation that offers, in case of emergency, medical assistance for people without medical insurance that might be suddenly affected by sicknesses, injuries or pregnancies. The organisation was founded in 2001 and the motto is that all people have the right to have medical attendance. At the beginning, they offered medical services to migrants that were illegal in Germany, but this situation has changed and nowadays most of their patients are legal: citizens from EU, visitors from other countries, students that exceed the course semester, and Germans.

The team is formed by volunteer doctors. A doctor, most of them internist or general practitioner, is in charge of the first examination and medical advice of the patient. Additionally the team is completed by physician assistants and nurses. Malteser treats keeping the anonymity. As of today, there are 18 locations in Germany in which the organisation is represented.

Which sicknesses most commonly are handled?

The health problems treated are similar to a normal doctor’s office. Due to the fact that most of the patients have a problematic environment, they visit a doctor usually too late. For this reason, sometimes, sicknesses are in an advance step and it could be difficult to treat. The most common cases: respiratory problems, otolaryngology diseases, dental disorders, tumors and infectious diseases.  One clear focus is the treatment of pregnancies, new-born babies and children.

Where can I find Malteser medical services in Lower Saxony?

Caritas Hannover                                                                                               

Leibnizufer 13-15, 30169 Hannover

Tel.: (0511) 169 – 5430

Email: mmm(at)

Contact person: Dr. med. Renate Gräfin von Keller, Dr. Michael Lukas

Opening hours:

Tuesdays from 10.00h to 12.00h

Find all the locations in Germany here


Malteser, medical assistance for people without medical insurance. Would you like to support the project and make a donation?

Donation account:

IBAN: DE10 3706 0120 1201 2000 12


Betreff: MMM

Contact person: Sabrina Odijk, Tel:  (0221) 9822-583


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