Staying, Working, Living: How Integration really works – A Day on the IdeenExpo 2017 in Hannover

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Nobody would contradict. The faster you get a job, the faster you get integrated into the german society. But is that enough? Of Course not. There are many different things that have to be considered, if an refugee wants to get a job in Germany. First, you need a certain language level skill so that you are able to work in Germany. Second, you need to land a job. But what comes in between? Integration projects that only set a focus on job placement and acquisition of language skills are not suitable for proper integration. That is our opinion. There must be a better way.

Refugees need extensive consult when it comes to working and living in Germany. It is not only about language skills. “It is about working permissions, getting an apartment, help in other administrative issues with public authorities and all the other “little” things”, states Tobias Lohmann, Speaker of the Business Management of the Bildungswerk der Niedersächsischen Wirtschaft (BNW).

Integration by Counseling

The BNW now keeps 8 job and integration counselors in lower Saxony that are responsible for young refugees. The main goal of the job and integration counselor is to help the refugees in all sorts of things like working permits or job placements. The job and integration counselor is a sort of mediator between the refugees and interested companys with job openings, trainee- or internships and vocational training schools. It is a whole new approach that started last year in November. The project is called “SPRINT-Dual“.

Working in lower Saxony – A Day on the IdeenExpo

Two classes of two vocational training schools in lower Saxony took the chance to connect with companys on the IdeenExpo. It is necessary for young refugees to get an idea of how work in lower Saxony is like and what companys look for in young employees. Our integration and job counselors are working very closely with the refuge students of the two classes together and help them to get an internship or apprenticeship. The IdeenExpo is a great opportunity to get in contact with companys in lower Saxony. Many companys in lower Saxony are in search of skilled and young personnel. The shortage of skilled personnel is even going to get bigger due to demographic changes. The chances to find a job are very promising at the moment.

Jamalshah Timuri (18) tries to test his skills. He had to programm a small electronic controller at the stand of the ZF Friedrichshafen AG.
Getting to know a technical job: Christian Werner shows Revan Gilho (17) from Syria how the electronic devices work.


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