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20 free platforms for learning German that you may not know about yet

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Who said German was an easy language? I pity whoever had the gall to claim that! It’s even difficult to have small talk at first, the typical lift conversation about the weather and weekend. But don’t give up. It’s true that German is a language based on complicated grammatical structures, strange words that are a foot and a half long and even sound harsh. Unlike Latin-based languages or English, which we are used to studying, the German language is a true challenge. Are we willing to take it on? Of course we are! In this article, we will show you the 15 best, free platforms for learning German, check it out!


A few vocabulary tips! 


It’s a very dynamic website with a great deal of vocabulary that is divided into 84 levels. From both a visual and methodological standpoint, learning new words will be loads of fun here, which are recorded as learnt or non-learnt words. It also has its own forum for interacting with other students.


It’s a mobile app that is very well-known in France and Italy for learning languages in a quick and interactive manner, using a cognitive method. You can also learn German with Mosalingua! So download the mobile app and learn German for free!


A free application that lets you learn languages through word translation. Duolingo is a crowdsourcing platform for translating texts and, as the user progresses in his learning, he helps translate web pages and other documents. If we know the basics of a language, we can do a level test and advance to a higher level. The fun part about it is that, as we move up through levels, we earn “lingots”, a virtual currency that we can use, for instance, to purchase a course to learn pick-up lines!


A dynamic way to learn German! Download it to your mobile phone and do the fun quiz on vocabulary and phrases used when travelling on public transportation.

A few online tandem tips!


It is a language exchange website that allows you to practice a language for free by exchanging teaching time in your native language for learning time in a foreign language. You need to create a profile, select your native language and the language you wish to learn. Afterwards, you only need to contact people that seem like-minded to you and work out a schedule that works best for both of you…if, on the other hand, you prefer professional services online and are seeking a German professor, you may also do so.


Verblig allows you to create a class or join an existing one. The best part is finding an online tandem that wants to learn Spanish, although it is more difficult to find German speakers. You only need to specify the languages that you speak fluently and which languages you wish to learn.  You can also purchase online classes at very affordable prices and with full flexibility. All private tutors have reviews.

more free platforms for learning German!

Deutsch Interaktiv 

This free website is an online course provided by Deutsche Welle for a basic and intermediate level (A1, A2, B1). It has roughly 750 exercises, both written and audio/video, which will make it easier for you to advance in the language.


BBC’s platform provides you with a video tutorial platform that contains different training resources tailored to different learning levels. Don’t forget that you can continuously test your German level here as well.


Explore this web page, because here you will have free access to a free course with 37 lessons. Besides, I love it; it’s systematic, full of expressions, famous quotes, poems, videos, and even tongue twisters to make the challenge of learning German even more exciting!

A few more dynamic tips!

Deutsch Plus

It’s a series produced by the BBC that tells the story of an immigrant that arrives in Germany and begins to learn the language. The series is divided into 20 chapters, each of which are approximately 14 min. long. You can see it on YouTube or on Dailymotion.


The public German broadcasting company ARD has a media library where you can watch some programmes, sometimes with subtitles. I recommend that you watch “Sendung mit der Maus”, a children’s programme that has been in production since 1971; it explains complex topics with very simple German. The second, public German television channel ZDF also has a media library with a great deal of videos.

Extra, extra!

A very funny series for those who are beginning to study German. It tells the story of a group of students who are sharing a flat in Berlin. They are very brief and intuitive chapters. Highly recommended for beginners!

A few online dictionary tips!


In my opinion, the best part about this page is the complete conjugation of verbs in all the verb tenses! You can also listen to the pronunciation of words.


Excellent online dictionary, highly recommended as well!

Other online dictionary suggestions include: 


A few podcast tips!


I find this web site fantastic, especially for super-busy people that do not have time for anything. DazPod is simple; download the podcast and listen to it on the train or while you go shopping. Listen to stories in German and then read the transcription.

A few magazine tips!

Deutsch Perfekt 

This is a paid magazine, but I think that the teaching materials they use are worthwhile. It contains texts classified in different levels and a very interesting vocabulary glossary.

Did we miss any free platforms for learning German that we should include? If you know of additional sites that we haven’t mentioned in this article, please leave your suggestions in the comments. Follow us on Facebook so that you won’t miss a beat!




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