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A talent visa for skilled workers in high-demanded non-academic professions

Germany is in lack of thousands of skilled workers in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields nowadays. In 2030, there will be 6 Million people less in the employable age.  This shortage will not only occur in the academic professions, like Engineering, Computer Science or Medical Science. Also in professions with vocational trainings such as hospital nurses, technicians or nurses for the elderly will be a lack of skilled professionals. All these professions will be highly sought after in the German labor market.

“If you are skilled and get offered a job, you will be welcome to immigrate” – Until now, this principle was the cornerstone of the German migration policy for candidates from non-European countries. This policy approach should continue to be the framework for immigration in the future. Thus, the decision which foreign workers are allowed to immigrate to Germany should be up to the German businesses. Local Businesses have the best knowledge about the local labor market conditions and which qualifications and skills they demand.

Skilled migration should focus on the labor market demands exclusively. For this reason, it would be wrong, if administration decided about the migration criteria since they do not know the real market demands.

What is important? It is crucial to also allow the entry of skilled workers without a specific job offering – especially for job seekers possessing the required skills and qualifications that German businesses and the labor market are looking for.

With a talent visa for non-European skilled workers – even if they do not have secured a job position in Germany in advance – our immigration system could be further improved.

As of today, only university graduates are allowed to apply for such a visa. They are given six months-visa in order to find a qualified position. But, would it not be reasonable to offer the same possibilities – to be able to apply for a talent visa – to skilled hospital nurses or nurses for elderly? With this talent visa, skilled professionals without university degrees should have the possibility to find a job. The duration of the visa should be expanded to one year to cover one or several application processes.

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Author: BDA, Die Arbeitgeber


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