Celebrating with Cornelia Rundt, Minister of Social Affairs, five years of recognition Law!

Are you an engineer with a foreigner degree in Germany? If so, we should celebrate together that, since 2012, foreigners have the possibility to recognize their degrees and, thus, being able to work in Germany under the same circumstances as German employees.

“The figures show clearly that this recognition process is highly worthy. Integration is not only reached through the language skills, integration is in most cases possible, when someone has found a job” – said Cornelia Rundt. The statistics in Hannover evidenced, that 60% of the foreign degrees that were processed, obtained a full recognition of the profession or university degree. The other 40% have obtained a full recognition after attending some further courses.

BNW offers a specific training program in Hannover for those people, that have acquired an academic degree in their home country in the areas of mathematics, information technology, natural sciences or technology (known as “MINT Berufe” in German, find more information here). This program brings participants practical experience in German companies though an internship period, as well as specific technical German course and individual coach to get off a successful professional life in Lower Saxony. In the best cases, students find a professional opportunity, great!  This is the case of the Greek Engineer Athanasios Kallinis, employed by ILFA Feinstleiter GmbH, a PCB manufacturers company based in Hannover.

“Thanks to the degree recognition and MINT qualification program, I found this job position” – clarified our ex-student, Athanasios Kallinis, to Cornelia Rundt, Minister of Social Affairs and Tobias Lohmann, BNW General Manager. Athanasios Kallinis and the ILFA General Management, Walter Süllau and Dr. Andreas Gombert, showed the processes in the workplace as well as the daily work activities of the engineers that work there.

“Integration is a process”- said Tobias Lohmann – “The diploma recognition is an important step. Moreover, we offer individual qualifications and real experience in companies from Lower Saxony; we actively help candidates to acquire a job or vocational training, giving a solution to the lack of qualified workers in Lower Saxony”.


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