Educational Background from Foreigners in Niedersachsen

Press Conference with the Minister of Science and Culture of Lower Saxony

We were there on 23th of March. BNW was invited by the minister Ms. Heinen-Kljajic to participate in the exclusive press conference of the Ministery of Science and Culture of Lower Saxony. Some local media and only a few educational institutions, like us, were invited.

The integration of migrants was the principal issue to discuss, with focus on the acquisition and learning of the language. For this reason, the Government of Lower Saxony agreed to give more financial support to language courses and educational programs.  In 2017, more than 53 Mio.€ are planned for this purpose. 2/3 of the financial aid will be invested in language courses. The number of course places will reach the number of 30.000 in 2017. That means an increment of course hours from 200 to 300, therefore the learning quota will be higher in the next courses and the language qualification will be clearly increased for all the students. This considerable increment shows clearly, how important the refugees’ integration for the Government of Lower Saxony is. We appreciate that!

Apart from the normal language courses, the aim is to offer foreigners the opportunity to enter at the University of Lower Saxony. Currently, there are around 1.000 student with migration backgrounds attending intensive German courses in order to be prepared for the Bachelor degree. In Germany, skilled and qualified personnel are always sought.


Facts and figures – Educational Background from Foreigners in Niedersachsen

Elementary Education

Primary School Education 20%
Certificate of secondary education and General Cetificate of secondary education 27%
vocational diploma and university entrance diploma 27%
without School certification 20%
not reported 6%

Professional Status

with vocational training 27%
without vocational training 73%
without training qualifications 81%

From which professional backgrounds and industries?

Handwork, handcraft 19%
Commerce/Trade/Service 7%
Academic Profession 6%
without profession 20%
not reported 52%

Other figures

Female students in German course 29%
Male students in German course 71%
Percentage female refugees in Lower Saxony 33%
Percentage male refugees in Lower Saxony 67%


Author: Ministry for Science and Culture of Lower Saxony, March 2017

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