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Welcome to Mrs. Naghiyev, Integration Consultant at Hamburger Allee

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Geitchek Naghiyev is 26 years-old and she was born in 1990 in Aserbaidschan. She came to Germany with her family at the age of 6 years. Bad Pyrmont was her first station in Germany, where she lived in a small and very comfortable apartment. She remembered that time “like a class vacation”. In Germany, her family was looking for more security, perspectives and better education for their children. She has very good memories of the first days in school and remembers with a huge smile how she and her parents learned German together. “I learned very fast and my school was very open-minded, so it was not problematic at all”.

She has been working for BNW since September 2015. She started as Coordinator for Work Experiences and since 1st March she has been in charge of the Information and Guidance Point for people with or without Migration Backgrounds in BNW Offices at Hamburger Alle 12-16. She is really happy as she has always wanted to work with people with migration backgrounds.


  • Which is your mother tongue and why do you speak so many languages? I am very impressed!

My mother tongue is Aserbaidschanish, but I would say that I speak more Russian (Aserbaidschan was part of Union Soviet). We spoke a mix of languages at home. In Germany, I learned French and English and, obviously, German.

  • Which is your current responsibility?

I have been working as Integration Consultant at BNW since 1st of March. We have a point of information for people with or without migration background in Hamburger Allee (Hannover). We explain people how the German school system works, how to find a job or a German course, I also accompany people to the Job Center or to job interviews. I put them in touch with companies and I also help them to write CVs and applications… you can also contact me if you receive a letter that you do not understand, for example. Our office is located in Hamburger Allee 12-16, on the first floor and it has been opened since 1st of March. There are other projects going on: Joko 3 – “Job Competences“, MINT Brücke Maßnahme and Back to Job. Volunteers are also welcome to help. I can instruct them in different issues so the information can be multiplied. We have a very interesting project called ELMO, where we explain to parents with migration background how the German educational system works.

  • … so, that means for example, if I want to start an Ausbildung or University in Lower Saxony, could I get Information here?

Yes, of course. We can also organise an Information Day, this is a crucial issue. Same situation if you are looking for a specific German course, you can be informed here.

  • What does integration means to you?

If you want to be member of the community or society, you have to follow certain rules. However, integration works both ways, it not only depends on you. People in your environment must accept you as well. If you feel comfortable or… in other words,  when you feel anymore so vividly that you came from another country, when you feel welcome, you have reached integration. Although I believe, it is a process that never ends. We live in a society that constantly develops, there are many daily changes. It is an interesting period in our lives! We offer support in this integration process so you do not feel alone. Job and language skills are for me the way to reach integration, as well as motivation and interest. If you desire to learn German, you will do it and you will do it fast!

  • Let us know how we can make an appointment with you. Should we fix it beforehand by phone or email you?

I am here Mondays from 10 to 15h and Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 8h30 to 15h30, with or without appointment. We have a lovely office, so please, kindly wait if I can’t help you inmmediately.


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