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Tea with Alessandro Ottaviani – Enjoy Hannover

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Today we introduce Alessandro Ottaviani, founder of the international group Enjoy Hannover with more than 5.000 Facebook fans in record time . We met him and his team last week in the Tandem Tag in Mister Q. So if you still don’t know them, please keep reading and do not miss the chance to meet this great group who make our lives in Hannover much, much better.

  • Thanks very much for participating in this interview, Alessandro! Please kindly introduce yourself and let us know why you started Enjoy Hannover

My name ist Alessandro Ottaviani and I come from Italy. I studied Mechanical Engineering in Ancona and after my degree, I moved to Florence to work for General Electric. After 3 years as Supervisor, I passed the selection for a 2-year-Leadership programme that gave me the opportunity to live and work one year in Cologne. After this program I received a good offer from a plant of General Electric that is situated in Wunstorf. Consequently, I moved to Hannover. When I was living in Cologne, I started a similar group with four more friends. I have always liked organizing events, so I created Enjoy Hannover Group in February 2015 .

I really love the international environment and being in contact with different cultures, traditions and backgrounds. This is the best way to approach an experience abroad and to grow personally. I feel that I am doing something for society which is a very satisfying reason to go on with this project. Moreover, I promote my country, everyone knows I am Italian!

I am also developing many skills leading this group (leadership, managerial, behavioral and international) that I am sure will help me in my professional career in General Electric!

  • What do you love about living in Hannover?

Hannover has the right city-size, I love it! It is not a large metropolis but still international. It is really green and I am using my bicycle a lot. I recently moved into the city center and the car is not needed due to the great transport connections. I really like walking around the Maschsee and Altstadt. What I like the most about living here, is the people I have met!

Alessandro Enjoy Hannover
Alessandro Ottaviani, founder of Enjoy Hannover


  • Why is Enjoy Hannover so successful from your point of view?

After just one year, we have achieved 5000 members in the group! The 3 things that make our group very successful are:
An excellent Monthly Plan full of activities
The variety of activities that we are planning allows us to capture different types of people (sports, parties, travellers…)
People’s attitude! People feel very good and comfortable in our events.

  • How many different nationalities are taking part in this group?

Once we made a survey and we got an answer from people from 50 different countries, it is very impressive! Mostly, they come from India, Spain, Italy, France, UK and Syria.

  • What kind of activities are you offering?

We offer just about everything that anyone likes! Our best event is the tandem tag that we are planning every second Thursday at Mister Q. There are around 80 to 100 people who come regulary! Our regularly events include Hiking, Bicycle trips, Bowling and One day trips.
We have also offered special events like the international cooking day. Brunch, Cinema, Laser Tag, Karting and Ice Skating in winter; events during festivals (Maschsee Festival, Frühling Festival, Lister Meile Festival and so on). Now we want to offer more cultural events like concerts (we work in cooperation with Hannover City).

  • Would you recommend Enjoy Hannover to someone new, who just arrived and still doesn’t know anyone else?

Yes, I recommend to join the group to each new person in Hannover. It is a very good way to do many activities and meet nice people.
The group is recommended to everyone who lives in the area, also those who have lived here for a while. Recently more and more Germans have joined and are enjoying a lot. Our group gives them the chance to meet international people.

  • How many people organize Enjoy Hannover activities?

A great team is the first secret of success! We are currently structured in 2 levels, 8 Administrators and 8 supporters that have to organize the events. Administrators: Razan Jammal, who is coming from Lebanon, is doing a PHD here and she is now the vice-president of the group. The other are Rana Adeel from Pakistan and Sheetal Gangula from India. Other members who joined later include: Darpit Shah (India), Alessa Silva (Portugal), Jan Stumpenhausen (Germany) and Salah Hamed (Algeria). Among the Support Team: Celia (Spain), Nathalie (Germany), Giulia (Italy), Victoria (France).
Apart from being a team we are really good friends and that is why we like spending some of our free time together to plan and organize the events!

  • Let us know why we should join Enjoy Hannover!

Inspired by our motto, a quote from George Bernard Shaw:

“If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange these apples then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have history, culture and tradition and each of us has a different one, if we exchange them, then event after event, each of us will have become a richer and richer person”.

Join our group and check by yourself how good our events are! I am sure, after joining once or twice, you will like it so much that you will decide to join regularly!

– And yes Alessandro, you convinced me. See you once again on Thursday!

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